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Essential oils seem to be great. Lately almost every other post on social media seems to be about how they can help your life in just about every way! As your local Hatfield dog walker, I was to remind pet owners to be aware that there are risks involved with certain oils and using them near their pets.

Anna Burke reports that applying essential oils topically to dogs can be irritating to their delicate skin. Burke (2018) lets readers know that the oils are metabolized by the liver after being absorbed by the skin so young dogs and smaller dogs may have more of a reaction because the oil is metabolized much more quickly. Other dangers include dogs licking the area where it was topically applied and causing gastrointestinal issues (for any size dog).

Certain oils are actually just dangerous for dogs. Tea Tree, Wintergreen and Pine Oils are all extremely dangerous. The safest way to use essential oils around your dog is to discuss it directly with your Veterinarian first. While the internet is a great resource, information is always changing, and the last thing you want to do is use an oil on your dog or cat that may ultimately cause them harm. Typically, a quick phone call to your Veterinarian’s office can provide the answer you are looking for.

Don’t be fooled by the essential oil diffusers either. Be sure to double check about those as well. Bursting large amount of certain oils into the air in small rooms can also be detrimental to your pets.

Again, essential oils have lots of healing power, but just be sure to run it by your Veterinarian. It could be a great way to save on a costly emergency vet bill!

~ Written by guest blogger and Hatfield Dog Walker Courtney K.

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