Are Retractable Leashes Safe?

Published on January 25, 2019 by in Blog


Here is an example of a safe, flat leash

According to Dr. Karen Becker (an authority in the Veterinarian field), retractable leashes pose a dangerous situation for dog walkers and pet owners. As your local Lansdale dog walker, I can say that I’m definitely not a fan of retractable leashes! Some retractable leashes give a dog up to 26 feet of room to take off, which can lead to a dog running into a busy street, wrapping around an owner’s leg, or causing a number of dangerous situations. These leashes leave the dog walker with little to no control of dogs that pull or are difficult to walk or are easily distracted on walks. The handles on these types of leashes are often bulky or difficult to hold, making long walks uncomfortable for the walker; it is also possible to then drop the handle leaving the dog walker with a run-away dog. Burn injuries are not unheard of from retractable leashes wrapping around the legs of dog walkers. These injuries require medical attention and, in some cases, stitches.

Over time, these leashes can rust or breakdown without your knowledge, causing issues while walking your furry friend. You may find it very difficult to reel your dog back in, which can be a bit scary if your dog is dog-aggressive or nervous about meeting new people. There are so many varieties of leashes on the market of various lengths and comfort. I encourage you to explore them and step away from the retractable leash not only for your safety but also for the safety of your beloved canine pal. They will thank you for it in the long run!

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~ Written by guest blogger and Lansdale dog walker, Courtney K.

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