North-wales-dog-walkerCat owners sometimes call the vet because their furry friend Fluffy is acting “off”. They cannot tell if she feeling sick or if they are imagining it. As your local North Wales dog walker, I’d like to list some ways that might help you determine if your feline friend isn’t quite feeling herself.  You may have to pay closer attention to your cat’s behaviors than normal.

  • Litter Box Issues: A true sign that kitty isn’t feeling well are litter box issues. If kitty is urinating outside of the litter box or straining to urinate, call your Vet and schedule an appointment. This could be a sign of a more serious sign such as a urinary tract infection or a urinary blockage. With these types of issues, waiting is not a good idea. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Changes in Weight: Weight gain or weight loss are other issues to keep an eye out. These can be gradual or rapid, but definitely something to monitor and record to report to your Vet. Thyroid issues along with so many other things can challenge weight, and it’s important you have an accurate record to give your Veterinarian.
  • Behavior Changes: Note any changes in behavior such as aggression or isolation that is sudden in onset. This could be kitty masking pain of some sort.
  • Other Symptoms:Try to take notice if your kitty is limping or favoring any particular limb. Has kitty stopped eating/drinking or suddenly increased intake of food or water? Note any vomiting or diarrhea and the amount that it is occurring. These are all important things. Even if they seem minimal, it still may warrant a call to your Vet just to let them know. They may give you some tips to try before coming in for an appointment. Your Vet can also tell you what things are more urgent and should be seen immediately.

~ Written by guest blogger and North Wales dog walker, Courtney K.

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